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Designing a new climate marketplace connecting landowners to project developers to support climate impact and small landowners.

In this role I led design and research operations, designed new solutions, sketched features, created user flows, created a design system, conducted UX research, designed and shipped new features and end-to-end experiences on mobile and desktop web, created prototypes in Figma, and facilitated workshops, design reviews, and brainstorming sessions.

Check out some key projects.

misc. work

As the solo Product Designer I’ve worked on a lot of end-to-end projects, feature improvements, and identified new areas of exploration and refinement through research.

Some projects I’ve shipped include adding critical land ownership verification documents, improving accessibility, updating sign up flow and input components, and redesigning onboarding.

Here are some of my favorites.

redefining how landowners sell their forest-carbon credits

Landowners were frustrated by the lack of market data and transparency, with a multi-disciplinary team I led design to reimagine the auction experience as a data driven, self-serve marketplace.



a challenging experience, reduce risk, and increase matches

6 weeks

from brief to handoff



increase landowner participation


reduction in support tickets


financial risk

carbon supply map

NCX wanted to highlight where our carbon supply was to create transparency for carbon-credit buyers, like corporations with net-zero goals; It was also key that we highlighted landowner stories to create connection between buyers and land-stewards.

I led the UX and Visual Design of a carbon-credit supply map and got to collaborate closely with engineers, business development reps, graphic design, and marketing.


3 weeks

to deliver content and designs to engineers


scope creep was a consistent challenge


generated revenue

our first geo-specific deal was closed through the carbon supply map because buyers could now browse and select credits in an area of their choosing.