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Spora Health

Leading design of two culture-centered healthcare products for People of Color using decolonizing design thinking to create with equity and ethics.

As the first product designer at Spora Health, I led the end-to-end design of Spora Mommas app and created the design strategy for digital and physical product alignment. On the primary care product, Spora Health, I shipped 15+ new features for patient and provider experiences. I also worked on a new product from 0 to 1, Spora Mommas.

Check out some of my highest impact projects.

Spora Mommas app |    Spora Health  | Spora Institute  | Spora Mommas kit |  Decolonizing the Design of Healthcare

Designing 0 to 1 holistic virtual maternity support for Black birthing people

Spora Mommas had two products – digital and physical; As the solo and lead designer, I designed the 0 to 1 digital experience on iOS and Android, and collaborated with an industrial design agency to align the physical product to create a holstic experience.



Net Promoter Score reached for Spora Mommas


common morbidities able to be identified with the products


Core 77 Design award winner

saved life

a patient was able to receive life saving care (for her and baby) by using her history of tracked vitals in the app to advocate for her care

misc. projects

As the solo Product Designer, I collaborated closely with a Product Manager, Engineers, and Clinical peers to ship 15+ new features for patient and provider experience.

I also partnered with marketing to create assets like posters, newsletters, blog posts, podcast covers, banners and more.