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4/2021- 4/2022 

Spora Health

Culture-centered virtual primary care marketplace and supplementary maternal program for People of Color.

Spora Mommas app |    Spora Health  |    Spora Institute   |   Spora Mommas kit  |  Decolonizing the Design of Healthcare

  • Created, documented, and shared processes, writing guidelines, research toolkits, and a design system with accessible components for both native apps and web products
  • Redesigned sign up and onboarding, increasing conversion
  • Re-designed newsletter, increasing click through rate
As the first product designer at Spora Health, I led the end-to-end design of Spora Mommas app and created the design strategy for digital and physical product alignment.

On the primary care product, Spora Health, I shipped 15+ new features for patient and provider experiences; Spora Health primary is a health marketplace connecting patients to culturally trained providers. I also worked on a new product from 0 to 1, Spora Mommas. Mommas launched in November 2021 as a iOS and Android app, with a physical product companion.