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Sun Seeker

Bonnie Harris-Lowe, Ayla Derrick, Bailey Vaughan, Shanny Goldschmid, Jenny Sherwood, Juniper Rioux

Look and Feel
Stylized wasteland, with an overgrown planet and abandoned city. The land is hazy, masks are necessary, any existing life is mutated. Chill with some moments of action and emotion.

1 player. Players 16+ who enjoy narrative driven walking simulators on a desktop computer.


A text-based narrative adventure played with mouse or keyboard on Desktop browser with illustrations, pixel-art, sound effects,and sound scapes.

Participated in a 48 hour game jam through Women Game Jam 2023 with the theme of “Shifting Perspectives”.  

I led the project management, UX Design, and implemented designs in Twitch (CSS). I also collaborated as a game designer alongside the team, created the GDD and conducted theme research, defined accessibility requirements for MVP, QA before launch, and managed the Github repository.

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Game design doc for Sun Seeker listing the team, abstract, overview, look and feel, controls, players, gameplay, scope, levels, art assets needed, artifact scenes, accessibility requirements, ux asset, and winning and losing conditions.