As a product designer on the Crowdsource team I collaborated closely with the product managers, developers, and Lead Interaction Designer to research, design, and launch designs on the Android and Desktop app.
●  Co-led illustration direction for tasks, badges, and interface
 Recommended new direction for engaging people with culturally relevant games
●  Created designs for multiple languages
●  Coordinated with research team to create research plan and conduct research calls
●  Co-led analysis, synthesis, and reporting of research findings
●  Created customer user journeys for new onboarding to first task experience 
●  Collaborated closely with engineering to launch designs
●  Documented and tracked learnings gathered through research, synthesized and communicated
findings to stakeholders in research share outs
●  Wrote long and short form content in the app and external support sites (UX Writing)​​​​​​​
At Crowdsource, I collaborated with the product managers, interaction designer, and developers to create and ship two new Crowdsource tasks, Reading Charts and Trust in Charts. 
For these two new tasks, I created illustrations, ideated the name, designed icons, crafted ux writing, and refined the user flow. 
I collaborated with interaction designer on illustration, naming, and implementation of new badges for the gamified system, and revised Settings for new inclusion of Open-source feature for the Reading Charts and Trust in Charts task. 
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