kaixo, i’m vic

Design Anthropologist and Product Designer, creating inclusive and culture-centered experiences in foggy San Francisco.


I’m a curious, creative, and multi-disciplinary product designer with more than 10 years of experience in design and research. I enjoy building culture-centered and inclusive digital products to scale; Designing experiences to include many narratives to build equitable, ethical, and accessible tools.

On the flip side – you might find me behind the lens of my camera, illustrating, playing video games, and finding the best cannoli. 
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designing holistically for engaging and people-centered experiences

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Decolonizing Design 

Design thinking can leave people out, be biased, or place empathy as a step to check off in the process. Over 10 years of practicing decolonizing theory, my approach to design thinking has been refined and defined.


Design is more than shapes, screens, and digital experiences. My design approach is holistic; focusing on problem origins and service design to get the full scope of the what, who, why, and how.


Designs and research need strong ethics because what we create should do no harm. I practice ethics by researching and acknowledging how bias shows up, understanding power imbalance, and avoiding dark patterns in design.


Design is for everyone; I make it a priority to design interfaces, content, and experiences that are intuitive, jargon-free, and accessible. By including people in the design process, we can build equitable tools.

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