Formally trained Anthropologist with vast experience in the design industry.​​​​​​​
I've been a designer and researcher for 10+ years and explored different paths, learned new skills, and grew in others. Along the way I've found some favorite parts of the work that I do, and found areas that pique my curiosity - like decolonizing design, human and culture-centered practices, and ethical research. 
My past experience as a cultural anthropologist and archaeologist has shaped how I approach design and qualitative research. It drives my interest in asking deeper questions and uncovering the socio-cultural root of problems to better understand the solution. 
I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at NCX, where I'm working to implement a strong human-centered design and research practice. 

2022, Decolonizing the Design of Healthcare, The Grapevine Blog by Spora Health
2021, Film Photography, San Francisco Firefighters International Association of Firefighters Local 798 
2020, Interview & Writing, Fernweh Food Co. Friendship and Farming - An interview with Amica Farm's Nicki Passarella 
2019, Book Illustrations, Cooking with My Mother: Your Guide to Haitian Homecooking 
2022, Decolonizing Design, Explained, Interviewed by Ellen Glover at BuiltIn 
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