I'm Vic-
sometimes Victoria,
never Vicky.
10+ years as a designer, researcher, and cultural anthropologist

I am an equity focused designer and researcher that enjoys working on complex problems. I create through the lens of cultural anthropology and archaeology, designing culture and human-centered experiences. A lot of my work has been in government (Federal, Tribal, State) focusing on cultural resources, and more recently I've been in healthtech, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,  climatetech, e-commerce, and non-profits.  I am passionate about climate and animal justice, human-centered design, liberatory research and design, and ethical products. 

I have thoughtfully created my own design and research principles and values which are centered in ethics, collaboration, co-design, empathy, decolonizing thinking, and liberatory frameworks. My expertise is in decolonizing thinking and applying it to the design process, ethical research practices, and designing culturally responsive and relevant products. 

How I got started in design & research
My formal art training in traditional media and graphic design from RISD and Ringling influences my design aesthetic and the use of design as a catalyst for storytelling.

I later pivoted to cultural anthropology and archaeology studying people, design, environment, ethics, tools, adaptation, and evolution. This knowledge translates to my current work in Product Design and Research by following the same core inquiries.
Published work
2022, Decolonizing the Design of Healthcare, The Grapevine Blog by Spora Health

2021, Film Photography, San Francisco Firefighters International Association of Firefighters Local 798 

2020, Interview & Writing, Fernweh Food Co. Friendship and Farming - An interview with Amica Farm's Nicki Passarella 

2019, Book Illustrations, Cooking with My Mother: Your Guide to Haitian Homecooking 

Featured In
2022, Decolonizing Design, ExplainedInterviewed by Ellen Glover at BuiltIn 
What I'm curious about:
• Decolonizing design thinking and research methodologies. 
• Climate justice and environmental sustainability.
• Trauma-informed design and research. 
• Culture and how it impacts (along with the individual) how people perceive and use products and interact with design.
• Finding (and eating) the perfect cannoli.​​​​​​​
• Learning about new music and listening to people's Spotify playlists. 

An example of sad cannoli (top left).

I've also created designs and conducted research for others including:

Winsome Construction
Muse Storytelling
Tuck Sleep
Bay Area Green Tours
Artzain Libations
Creole Me Up
Live Oak Museum Consulting
Fernweh Food Co.
Gallery Gill

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